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Last modified:
4 Feb 2014

Code of Conduct

Adopted July 11, 2016

The members of BASFA actively avoid arbitrary and confining definitions of “normal.” We proudly support diversity and welcome individuals with varied interests and beliefs. We freely encourage frivolity, eccentricity, and lively banter.

However, BASFA firmly believes in playing nice and recognizes the right of members and non-member attendees to participate in a safe, harassment-free environment. All attendees have the right to not join in activities that cause them any form of discomfort and to speak out if they feel harassed or unsafe. Harassment includes but is not limited to offensive comments, repeated or unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate touching, deliberate intimidation, stalking, photographing or recording others without first obtaining permission, retaliating against others who have complained of harassment, or encouraging others to retaliate. Such occurrences should be brought to the attention of a BASFA club officer.

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