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Last modified:
4 Feb 2014

The Numismatic Responsibility Act

Whereas the formation of the club having been approved, and addressing the matter of raising funds for such activities as the members may deem worthwhile, it is hear-by proposed that said funds, in part, be collected as a tax on puns.

  1. Make A Pun - Pay A Fine:
    The fee for making a pun during any meeting or gathering when BASFA quorum1 can be established, shall be set at 25¢, payable in coin of the realm.
  2. Deposition Of Coin:
    Having made a pun, you may elect to walk up to the jar and drop you coin in, or you can elect to toss the coin from where you sit.
  3. Staying In The Jar:
    Should you elect to toss your coin and it doesn't stay in the jar, there is an additional fine for missing.
  4. Not Even On The Table:
    Should you elect to toss your coin and it doesn't even hit the table the jar is on, there is an additional 10¢ fine to discourage wild throws.
  5. Protection For Officers:
    Should you elect to toss your coin and it strikes a club officer (who are frequently in the vicinity of the jar), there is an additional $1.00 fine to discourage assassination attempts.
  6. Volume Punning:
    Should anyone feel an excessive number of puns may be likely at any time, they may ask for a Pun License. Such a license shall run the remainder of the evening and allow unlimited puns without further penalty.
  7. Determination Of License Fees:
    Should someone request a pun license, the cost of that license for that evening shall be determined by vote of the other members present at the time. The person requesting the license may choose to decline it if they feel they would be overcharged by this price, in which case they are again subject to Rule 1.

1 "Quorum shall consist of fifty percent (50%) of the members present at any given meeting."

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